3VB sponsor GAR Live: Women in Arbitration 2022

3VB are a proud sponsor of this year’s Global Arbitration Review’s Live: Women in Arbitration 2022 conference on Thursday 1 December at Drapers’ Hall in London.

At the conference, you will get to hear from leading female private practice lawyers, funders, expert witnesses and general counsel as they debate and analyse the latest major developments in arbitration.

Rebecca Zaman will be speaking on one of the panel sessions, which will discuss:

  • Obligations of lawyers and their role in ensuring access to justice
  • How should access to justice be defined in this context? Does access to justice require free choice of lawyer?
  • Expectations on lawyers – is it right to demand that lawyers shouldn’t act for sanctioned entities? Or  disreputable entities? Or entities tainted by association? Is this a matter of fairness or law?
  • Who is or should be the arbiter of this issue – the press, the public, the legislator or lawyers themselves by reference to their ethical responsibilities?

Jennifer Glasser, Partner at White & Case LLP will be moderating the session and Yasmin Mohammad, Director at Fortress Investment Group will be speaking alongside Rebecca.

Click here to view the full programme and here to book your place.

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