3VB and Queen Mary Launch New Lecture Series

In 2022, 3VB announced the establishment of a new annual lecture in collaboration with the School of International Arbitration, Queen Mary University of London. The 3VB/QM Lecture will focus on advancing our thinking in a field of international dispute resolution. Its distinguishing feature will be to provide a platform for a younger generation of leaders in the field who are already producing some of the most exciting work in the field.

The inaugural 3VB & Queen Mary Lecture took place on Tuesday 26th May 2022 at Lincoln’s Inn.

Zachary Douglas QC’s lecture paper can be accessed here: “Instead of Principles, Slogans”. A recording of the lecture can be obtained on request by emailing marketing@3vb.com

GAR Article: Tort law holds answers to treaty arbitration problems, argues Douglas

Read more about the ethos of the 3VB and Queen Mary Lecture Series here.

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