3VB’s International Advisory and Dispute Resolution Unit (IADRU) was launched in November 2019 with the core objective: to assist 3VB meet its corporate social responsibility objectives in the international arena.

Members of 3VB have a long history of acting for clients on a pro bono basis before the English courts, ensuring that those who need legal representation receive high quality legal representation irrespective of their financial status.

In November 2019, and with international work an increasingly important part of 3VB’s offering, 3VB launched IADRU to support members and associate members of Chambers providing pro bono and quasi pro bono services in the international arena.

IADRU assists members and associate members of Chambers to help others – Governments, State owned entities, international institutions, corporates, and individuals – as they work towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).

A significant number of our IADRU initiatives are aimed at strengthening the rule of law through capacity building and advisory work. For example, we have provided training to practitioners, State attorneys and judges in Ghana, Hong Kong, Tanzania, Brazil and Uganda, and participated in Africa-wide training programmes. This training has been provided in conjunction with ICCA, the ICC, FIDIC, IDLO, the Tanzania Institute of Arbitration, BIICL, the New York State Bar Association International Section and International Law Institute-Africa Centre for Legal Excellence, the Praxis Conflict Centre in Uganda and other institutions.

IADRU also organises seminars and webinars, bringing together individuals from around the world to discuss issues that go to the heart of sustainable development: gender equality, diversity, transparency and accountability. We work to encourage thought leadership on the key issues for the future, initiating conversations with some of the world’s leading experts on issues such as access to water, human rights, sovereign debt, investor-State relationships and public international law.

Members of chambers and associate members are also committed to working with appropriate clients on quasi pro bono terms, providing advice, drafting services and advocacy at reduced rates, when clients would otherwise be denied access to world-class representation and legal advice. These engagements are often combined with capacity building programmes, with members of chambers working in tandem with State attorneys to help transfer knowledge and experience to future senior members of Attorney Generals’ Chambers and Governments.

IADRU has no legal personality of its own, nor partners nor employees.  All work done (whether paid, pro bono or capacity building/training) under the IADRU ‘banner’ is done by members or associate members of 3VB individually under their normal terms and conditions.

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