The Tenancy Decision

The Tenancy Decision

Pupils are given regular feedback from their pupil supervisors and have reviews at the end of each seat with the Head of Pupillage and the Pupillage Secretary. The three-month review is to assess progress generally and to address any concerns the pupil may have. The six-month review is more significant. Its purpose is to provide a realistic assessment of the prospect of tenancy as well as to provide an opportunity for constructive feedback to help the pupil deal with any areas of weakness in the period leading up to the tenancy decision.

The tenancy decision is usually taken in the first half of July. Chambers has no quota or limit on the number of tenancies as a proportion of pupillages offered, and the intention when offering pupillage is that every pupil who has met the standard required will be offered tenancy. Where a pupil is not offered tenancy at 3VB, Chambers has a strong record of helping pupils find a place at another good set or solicitors’ firm.

A very good prospect of tenancy

3VB’s policy is to offer pupillage only to those candidates with the potential to become tenants in chambers. 3VB recruits no more pupils than there are available spaces for new tenants. Each pupil is therefore judged solely on his or her own merits; pupils do not compete against each other; they will be successful in securing tenancy if the calibre of their work by the time of the decision meets the high standard expected of a junior tenant at 3VB.

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