3VB’s LIDW21 member-hosted events

We are delighted to be co-hosting two events with Stevens & Bolton during London International Disputes Week 2021.

The two sessions are:

Force majeure, frustration and illegality – rescue remedies for a pandemic?

Tuesday 11th May at 9am

A discussion on the role that force majeure, frustration and English and non-English law illegality might play in relation to commercial contracts affected by the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Development of the doctrines pre-COVID
  • Practical considerations for arguing them
  • Consequences – suspension vs. cancellation
  • Their likely impact in the current crisis
  • COVID-driven development potential
  • International perspectives

Speakers: William Day, Andrew Quick (Stevens & Bolton), Jan Willem de Groot (Houthoff) and Luca Ferrari (Chiomenti Milan)

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International co-operation and government guidelines on dispute resolution during the COVID-19 pandemic

Thursday 13th May at 8:30am

A discussion on the government guidelines regarding international co-operation and resolving disputes. What more could and should governments do? Topics will include:

  • • Whether the thinking behind the UK Government Guidelines has moved on since their publication;
  • • An assessment of the effectiveness of those Guidelines – have they resulted in improved international co-operation for cross-border disputes?
  • • Whether a Covid-19 international regulatory framework for dealing with disputes will emerge as a result;
  • • How parties should deal with issues of international supply chain interruption during Covid-19

Speakers: Sir William Blair (Chair), Judy Fu, Michael Frisby (Partner, Stevens & Bolton) and Francis Xavier (Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP)

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