Episode 4: Doorstop Delivery Up Order: Hefin Rees KC & Cleon Catsambis

In the latest episode of 3VB SpeaksHefin Rees KC and Cleon Catsambis discuss a recent case they were instructed in on behalf of Sir Frederick Barclay and his daughter, against other members of the Barclay family, following the discovery of a covert audio recording device at The Ritz Hotel in London where Sir Frederick would hold business meetings relating to the Barclay business empire. These conversations captured highly confidential and commercially-sensitive business information, as well as some meetings between Sir Frederick and his lawyers.

The various court hearings that took place in London in which both Hefin and Cleon acted for the Claimants attracted a significant amount of press coverage, including television, radio, and all newspaper outlets.

Their conversation focuses on the use of a Doorstep Delivery Up Order as an unusual means of obtaining information from the defendants.

Winner: UK Bar Awards 2023
The Lawyer Awards 2022: Chambers of the Year