3VB and Queen Mary Launch New Lecture Series

The members of 3 Verulam Buildings are excited to announce the establishment of a new annual lecture in collaboration with the School of International Arbitration, Queen Mary University of London.

The 3VB/QM Lecture will focus on advancing our thinking in a field of international dispute resolution. Its distinguishing feature will be to provide a platform for a younger generation of leaders in the field who are already producing some of the most exciting work in the field. The subject matter is not limited in any way and encompasses everything from international arbitration to public and private international law and includes interdisciplinary approaches that seek to provide insight into international dispute resolution.

The organisers of the lecture are Professor Stavros Brekoulakis and Tariq Baloch.

Stavros Brekoulakis said:

“This new Annual Lecture Series aims to become a high-profile public platform for a new generation of thought leaders. We want and expect our Lecturers to introduce original theses and new insights that advance the current debates on international dispute resolution. I am excited to be able to participate in the organisation of the Series wearing both my 3VB and Queen Mary hats and I am grateful to Tariq who approached me with this idea some time ago.”

The inaugural lecture, entitled “Instead of Principles, Slogans” will be given on 26 April 2022 by Professor Zachary Douglas QC. Professor Jan Paulsson will provide a response.

Tariq Baloch said, “We were very excited that Zach will deliver the inaugural lecture. He embodies the ideals of the lecture perfectly. An independent and original thinker, he has made a major contribution to investment law from a very young age. We can be sure that Zach’s lecture will be thought provoking and will push boundaries. If that was not already a treat, we will have the privilege of testing those new ideas with Jan, who needs no introduction given his seminal contributions to the field of international arbitration as counsel, arbitrator and scholar.”

Zach Douglas commented, “I am honoured to deliver the inaugural 3VB/QM lecture. The invitation to advance our thinking in the field is both daunting and exciting. In keeping with the lecture’s aims, I am going to try to map out a theoretical structure for answering the basic question of when a State should be liable in damages to an investor and illustrate how that theory can solve some of the recurring problems in the jurisprudence.”

For further details, please email marketing@3vb.com.

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