3VB Helps Launch New International ADR Centre in Kampala

On 5 November 2021 a new ADR Centre, known as the Praxis Conflict Centre, was launched in Kampala. The Centre is the brainchild of the former Chief Justice of Uganda, Bart Katureebe.

The aim of the new centre is to provide a fresh approach to the resolution of disputes, and to make it more accessible to the majority of Ugandans who currently face significant backlogs in litigation proceedings in the national courts.

3VB’s IADRU Unit will be providing assistance to the new ADR centre in Kampala with training, drafting documentation, and providing advice in developing this new ADR Centre.

Past projects for 3VB’s IADRU Unit have included (amongst others) advising on establishing an international financial services centre in Africa, judicial capacity building in Ghana.

Sir William Blair and Hefin Rees QC gave keynote speeches at the launch event, encouraging the further development of alternative dispute resolution within Uganda and East Africa more generally.

You can read more about Uganda’s new face of dispute resolution in and article on Africa Legal’s website here.

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