3VB’s Fraud Breakfast Forum: Interim relief in cyber-fraud cases

Members of 3VB’s Civil Fraud Team are proud to present a series of morning talks in a digestible form.

Cyber-fraud, including phishing attacks, authorised push payment scams, data theft and ransoming are increasingly common, usually pursued by sophisticated criminals in unknown jurisdictions. In the second of this series, David Quest QC and Philip Hinks will speak about how victims of such fraud can get urgent interim relief. They will cover:

  • Disclosure against banks and financial intermediaries to identify unknown attackers and to locate misappropriated payments
  • Non-disclosure orders in ransom cases
  • Anonymisation of claim form and restrictions on access to court file
  • Tracing and recovering misappropriated and ransomed cryptocurrency

Click here to view the full series. Please contact Nicola Birkett at nbirkett@3vb.com for details on how to join this session.

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