Andrew Sutcliffe QC and Anne Jeavons record a session for the Virtual Fraud Conference 2021

Andrew Sutcliffe QC and Anne Jeavons have pre-recorded a session for this year’s Virtual Fraud Conference 2021 hosted by the Fraud Advisory Panel, INSOL Europe and R3. The conference will be taking place on Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd February at 10am.

Andrew and Anne’s session will provide an overview of the use of Unexplained Wealth Orders in the UK and how successful they have been in identifying and seizing assets suspected to have been acquired using laundered criminal funds. This session will include some practical lessons arising from the first UWO cases and how the private sector can work effectively with law enforcement agencies.

There will be a wide range of live and on-demand sessions available throughout the conference and will be available to view until 1st April.

Click here to read the full programme and to book your place.

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