Saima Hanif KC and Adam Temple contribute to Laws of the DIFC Volume 5

Members of 3VB are contributing authors to the recently published Laws of the DIFC, Volume 5. The publication is the fifth commentary in a series of five commissioned by the DIFC Academy on the laws of the Dubai International Financial Centre.

As accredited DIFC Academy Specialists, Saima Hanif KC wrote the chapter on Regulatory Law and Adam Temple contributed the chapter on Collective Investment Law.

As well as providing an overview of the legislation in each area, the authors offer provision by provision commentary on each article: highlighting both similarities and differences with the common law or equivalent international provision making it easier for those more familiar with other common law jurisdictions to quickly see where the potential legal differences apply providing details and explanations of important DIFC cases in the specific area giving practical advice on the likely DIFC Court treatment providing details and explanations of relevant cases and commentary from other common law jurisdictions (with references) which can be useful to those researching that area.

The book can be purchased here.

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