3VB joins The JUSTICE60

3VB is delighted to have joined the exclusive group of donors, The JUSTICE60, committed to supporting and participating in the work of JUSTICE for the next three years.

JUSTICE is the law reform and human rights organisation working to strengthen the justice system in the UK. Its vision is of fair, accessible and efficient legal processes, in which the individual’s rights are protected, and which reflect the country’s international reputation for upholding and promoting the rule of law.

JUSTICE’s Director of Development, Keith Kibirango, said:  “It is tremendous that 3 Verulam Buildings has become a member of The JUSTICE60, the only set of barristers chambers to have done so to date. 3VB and a number of their individual barristers have joined our group of visionary supporters, which spans the breadth of the legal profession, in commemoration of JUSTICE’s 60th birthday.”

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