3VB Launches Group Litigation Blog

The Group Litigation practitioners at 3VB are pleased to announce the launch of the 3VB Group Litigation Blog.

Group litigation is a fast moving area which continues to evolve at high speed. The blog will provide up to date commentary of cases and developments concerning group litigation, with a commercial focus. Peter de Verneuil Smith KC and Adam Kramer KC are the General Editors.

Adam Kramer KC commences the discussion with an article considering the unprecedented case management seen in the NOx emissions litigation – Pan-NOx: The High Court in the driving seat of group diesel litigation.

As we expand the blog, we look forward to developing conversation with our readers in respect of procedural and strategic issues that arise.

About the 3VB group litigation team

3VB covers all forms of commercial group litigation ranging from group litigation orders with thousands of claimants to representative actions and test claims brought by a single claimant. For more information about 3VB’s established expertise in group actions, click here.

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