3VB Webinar: Judicial review of FS regulators and enforcement authorities

On Thursday 17th June at 1pm, 3VB’s Saima Hanif QC, Tom Rainsbury and Emmanuel Sheppard will be presenting a webinar that explores the judicial review challenges to decisions of the FCA, the FOS and the FSCS as well as the SFO/NCA. Sir Ross Cranston will be moderating this session.

The speakers will discuss recent cases including R (T&I) v FCA [2021] EWHC 396, R (Donegan) v FSCS [2021] EWHC 760 and R (KBR) v SFO [2021] UKSC 2. They will also consider the likely impact of the Government’s proposed reforms to judicial review.

Click here to view the invitation and here to register for this talk.

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