COVID-19, Brexit and sanctions issues: updated 3VB guide on frustration, force majeure and supervening illegality

A 3VB team has updated a detailed guide on PLC for analysing the impact of supervening events on the performance of contracts, including the doctrine of frustration, force majeure clauses, and the effect of intervening domestic and foreign law illegality.

The initial guide was written by Peter de Verneuil Smith KC, Adam Kramer KC and William Day at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and has proved very popular, receiving over 15,000 unique views on PLC.

Gretel Scott has joined the team for the updated guide, which also takes in case law on Brexit and sanctions following the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict (and the updated analysis may be useful in other contexts as well).

A copy of the guide can be found here.

The updated guide was first published by Practical Law UK PLC in December 2023. 

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