Digital Dispute Resolution Rules Published

The UK Jurisdiction Taskforce of LawtechUK, chaired by Sir Geoffrey Vos, Master of the Rolls, has today published its Digital Dispute Resolution Rules designed to enable faster and more cost effective resolutions to legal disputes relating to novel digital technology such as crypto assets, smart contracts, and blockchain applications, and foster confidence amongst businesses in the adoption of these technologies.

Drafted in extensive public and private consultation with lawyers, technical experts and financial services and commercial parties, the Digital Dispute Resolution Rules published today are designed to facilitate the rapid and cost effective resolution of disputes arising in the context of these technologies, and to foster industry confidence in their use.

3VB’s David Quest QC was heavily involved in the drafting of the Rules.

In a statement to mark the publication of the Rules, Sir Geoffrey Vos said, “I am confident that the Digital Dispute Resolution Rules will be incorporated into many types of digital transaction going forward. The UK Jurisdiction Taskforce will keep a close watch on how the Digital DIspute Resolution Rules are used, and will aim to consider whether experience suggests they need revision within the coming year. I am extremely grateful to the sub-committee, which has worked so hard to prepare these Rules (Lawrence Akka QC, David Quest QC, Dorothy Livingston, Anne Rose, David McIlwaine, Richard Hay and Rory Conway).”

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