Ian Wilson KC writes Spotlight article for Journal of International Banking and Financial Law (JIBFL)

Ian Wilson KC has written a Spotlight article for the Journal of International Banking and Financial Law titled: “Preserving the pillars of banking law: safeguarding core legal principles in an age of consumer protection.”

The article addresses how consumer protection is best achieved through legislation and regulation, and how changes in the regulatory rules, rather than intervention by the Courts, can provide solutions where a particular social problem affecting consumers is identified, such as the proliferation of Authorised Push Payment fraud. In that context, he considers some recent decisions, including Philipp v Barclays and Wood v First Plus Commercial.

Read the full article here: https://www.jibfl.co.uk/articles/preserving-the-pillars-of-banking-law-safeguarding-core-legal-principles-in-an-age-of-consumer-protection

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