Rumen Cholakov Completes Advocate 25 for 25: The Pro Bono Challenge

To celebrate their 25th anniversary year, and as they look to develop access to justice for the next 25 years, Advocate are running 25 for 25: The Pro Bono Challenge, which encourages volunteers to complete 25 hours of pro bono work.

3VB’s Rumen Cholakov has undertaken the challenge and far exceeded the amount of hours, completing 40 hours of pro bono work between June and September 2021.

In a message received by Advocate, highlighting how much the support and expertise provided by the barristers means to them, one applicant said, “I do not think I could have got through the legal cases without your tremendous support. Being a litigant in person is the most stressful situation to be put in and those barristers that offer their time to people like me truly have no idea of the immense gratitude and relief they provide.”

Read more about the 25 for 25 Challenge on Advocate’s website here.

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